Down at the Cinema

Down at the Cinema


By Nathan Hayes

You may find yourself very heavy-hearted after watching this movie, but don’t let that take away from one of the best movies this year.

Logan takes place many years into the timeline of the X-Men movies, where we find the Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, as a limo driver. But he’s more than that, a former superhero, he finds himself as an apprehensive guardian of a young mutant. We follow him and Charles, played by Patrick Stewart, as they try to guide this girl to a safe place known as ‘Eden’. But the movie is so much more than this, a real send off for this modern icon.

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A very emotional film, we really see this heavy superhero as he deals with the death of his people, the fact that he’s very ill and how he copes with his life with alcohol. He’s really trying to move on to the future whilst dealing with what he’s done in the past.
This is probably one of the best movies of year with a once in a lifetime performance by Hugh Jackman, I wouldn’t like you to miss out on it.