Down at the Cinema

Down at the Cinema

Sing is a movie for anyone who really just wants to express themselves. It really encapsulates those who seek something more with their talent, very much like in ‘X-Factor’. But this is so much more genuine, and the film really benefits. It’s characters are archetypes that any one of us could fill.
In this curious animated world, a struggling theatre owner, Mr. Moon (Matthew McConaughey), tried to jumpstart business at his theatre with a singing competition. But hilarity ensues when his batty secretary( Garth Jennings) changes the amount of prize money to a crazy amount.

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With a star studded cast including Scarlett Johansson as a punk-like hedgehog , Taron Egerton as a lonesome gorilla and Reese Witherspoon as homely pig, we can all relate to these characters. There are so many genres of singing in this movie, it encompasses a very international feeling. It also looks great, reminding you of a modern metropolitan city.
Sing is a great film to see with the family with lots of singing and jokes, it’s very much worth the ticket price.