Down at the Cinema

Down at the Cinema

Review of Lego Batman 

By Nathan Hayes

The Lego Batman movie is a self- deprecating, hilarious ride that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
A film all about Batman, played by Will Arnett, deals with his problems with family and taking responsibility for his actions. Very much in the vein of 2014’s the LEGO movie with its own message, this film really has a simple meaning although it is used a little too much here. Whilst never really bogging down the film, some characters do get a little heavy handed with these messages.
But not to worry, the film is extremely funny with quips spouted every few seconds and most landing well, you’ll have a great time in this movie. It also has a really life like feel even though animated, with some crazy lighting and sound design in those quiet scenes which really being the film to life.

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The opening also really has to be talked about. Filled with extremely obscure villians, it’s a jaw-dropping rollercoaster of a scene that may leave you a tad bit exhausted. And the characters are fantastic. Along with Will Arnett’s ‘Batman’, Michael Cera’s ‘Robin’ and Ralph Fiennes’ ‘Alfred’ they really bounce off each other and it leads to the funniest moments.
This film, although a little heavy-handed with its message, is just fantastic and a great watch for families and Batman lovers alike.