Borris-In-Ossory Fundraiser

Borris-In-Ossory Fundraiser

Draw The Joker 

Borris-In-Ossory Community Development Association/Tidy Towns & Borris-In-Ossory Santa Claus Club are pleased to announce that we have joined forces for a fundraising venture to benefit both organisations. This in turn will benefit the Residents and Community in general of Borris-In-Ossory area. Draw the Joker is the name of this new venture. Participants, for the sum of €2 are asked to select a number from 1 to 53 to pinpoint where the Joker is situated on a specifically designed notice board.

When the Joker is found the person, who has been drawn from the drum of all participants and has chosen the right number, will receive that draws Jackpot, if it’s not the Joker a €20 consolation prize will be presented and the Jackpot carries, on rising by €20 for the next fortnight. Our Jackpot starts at €200 and increases by €20 fortnightly if not won. It will rotate each fortnight between Rosie O’Grady’s and Kelly’s Public House’s. Participation in the game will also be available from Committee Members and Supporters of both organisations. At a recent organising committee meeting a draw took place to select where the first draw takes place, Kelly’s was the winner.

Draw the Joker will be launched at a function in Kelly’s Bar at 9pm on Saturday night 14th April. The first draw will then take place on Monday 23rd April at Kelly’s, The Board will then be moved on to Rosie O’Grady’s Bar and our 2nd draw will take place on Monday 7th May. We wish to sincerely thank both venues for their kindness to allow the draws to be promoted and conducted on their premises. Full details and rules of the game are available on both organisations Facebook Pages (BorrisTidy Towns and Borris-In-Ossory Santa Claus Club) or from any members of both organisations.  All are welcome to the Launch night at Kelly’s Bar on Saturday 14th!