Bank Holiday Weather

Bank Holiday Weather

Forecast courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel




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Many of us are wakening to glorious conditions across the country today, and the good news is that the hot and sunny weather looks set to remain for at least one more week before a subtle change next Thursday or Friday, but more on that in a minute.

For today it’s a case of clear blue skies in the vast majority of locations, with temperatures really pushing well into the mid to high 20’s. Indeed afternoon maximum temperatures may push to as high as 28 or 29 degrees Celsius, with the highest temperatures likely in the Midlands and Midwest.

Similar conditions are expected tomorrow across the country with the heat continuing. Highest temperatures again reaching well into the mid or high twenties, with maximum values again ranging between 27-29 degrees Celsius in some parts.

Over the course of the weekend we will see some small changes, but overall the general picture is one of sunshine and hot temperatures reaching well into the mid twenties or even higher locally.

There will be some cloud building along western coastal fringes which may spoil things here somewhat, and there is also the possibility of the odd scattered thunderstorm sparking off on account of the afternoon heat in some central or northern locations.

What a Bank Holiday we have to look forward to!

Between Bank Holiday Monday and Thursday of next week Ireland will remain under the influence of high pressure, with slack winds and mostly dry sunny days. Temperatures will again range between 21-26 degrees Celsius, maybe a degree higher in some central and southern areas by then.

Beyond next Thursday our weather is predicted to turn cooler, with winds switching to a northerly direction. Conditions overall however remain settled for the vast majority, with dry weather remaining in place with plenty of sunshine. There will be the risk of some showers along northern and eastern coasts however. Temperatures by then of between 17-21 degrees Celsius.

Drought conditions again look like developing into early next week, especially so through central, eastern and southern areas. Soil moisture deficits are predicted to increase to over 80-85mm in the east, and more generally ranging between 55 mm in the south, up to 75 mm in the Midlands. Grass growth will stop in many locations and crops will also be affected.

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