Amazing Grace wins big at Lidl Portlaoise

Amazing Grace wins big at Lidl Portlaoise

Christmas came early for 158 Lidl shoppers across the country, who won the chance to dash around their local store in a Supermarket Sweep competition! With 2 weeks left till Christmas, each winner had 2 minutes to dash around a Lidl store and fill their trolley with as many products as possible.

Grace Kavanagh zipping around Lidl store with support from her friend Sean Kenny from Ballyroan Photo Credit Michael Donnelly 

Grace Kavanagh from Ballyroan, who was the winner in the Portlaoise store, managed to grab herself €371.17 worth of Christmas shopping for free.The €1 tickets were sold in Lidl stores across the country from November 12th to December 2nd. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Lidl’s Trolley Dash tickets went to Jigsaw, Lidl’s charity partner.

Ivor Zemvalds, Lidl store manager, staff, Grace and friends pictured at Lidl’s Trolley Dash at Lidl Portlaoise, Photo Credit:Michael Donnelly.

In County Laois alone over €3,500 was raised for the charity. The Lidl Trolley Dash, which raised over €213,000 across Ireland, is part of Lidl’s pledge to raise €1 million for Jigsaw in the next 3 years.NO REPRO FEE. See Press Release.