3-day forecast

3-day forecast

MONDAY OCTOBER 6th: Sunny spells at first, but becoming showery in the afternoon with some thunder possible. Winds strong southerly at first will back SW and moderate. Highs of 13c to 15c at best. OVERNIGHT: Winds dropping light. cold and showery with some hail and thunder possible and perhaps some sleet over high ground. Lows of between -1c and 4c with frost and ice later.

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Mixed weather forecast until mid-week.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 7th: Showers and sunny spells in a light westerly breeze. Remaining cool with highs of 12c or 13c. OVERNIGHT: Cool and clear for a time with lows dropping to around 3c or 4c but increasing overnight as southerly winds pick up and cloud increases.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8th: Overcast with heavy rain for much of the day with strong southerly winds – giving gale force gusts at times.

OUTLOOK: Remaining unsettled into the end of the week with showers, longer spells of rain and wind also. The nights will be cool with some frost. This forecast is courtesy of Laois Weather. Click here for Laois Weather Facebook page and here for its website.